Help a pal out; how does one sell art online?

I’m thinking about selling artwork online. However the fees of etsy makes me wiggle, I know they aren’t much but… weh :( I saw a few tutorials on selling art last year but I don’t really know how to find them again, furthermore I see people selling art on the tumb all the time. Mind you I’m so unfamiliar with paypal so I mean if it is really just that simple I’m sorry for wasting time. Yes I’m also looking these questions up, I’m not just laying here to have someone write it out for me. But I honestly don’t know where to begin or what to see if I find it, so I would like some help in that regard! Any other tips like pricing etc would also being appreciated if you would like to!


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    I don’t you have to be a part of any groups to do it, I believe its open to anyone. You should look into it. Doesn’t...
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    I’ve thought about that but I should probably get on making some :( I’m a member of the art center, at least I was six...